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Thoughts on AdBlue



What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a non-toxic, colourless liquid that is made of water and urea. This liquid is injected into the exhaust gases of cars that use SCR technology to meet Euro 6 emissions target. It helps convert Nitrous Oxides, harmful chemicals that contribute to greenhouse gases, into water and carbon dioxide in Euro 5 and 6 heavy-duty engines that incorporate Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce emissions.

Recently, AdBlue can now supply their product in various size containers which is helpful for the different types of vehicles that choose to use it. For example: the driver or company owning a HGV would be likely to choose the biggest size of AdBlue. Whereas a car would be likely to purchase the smallest size of AdBlue for their car.

Does my car use AdBlue?

If your car has a diesel engine, then the answer to this is a maybe. Moreover, the newer your car is, the more likely it will use AdBlue. Many people first come to realise that their car uses AdBlue when a warning signal appears on their dashboard telling them they’re running low on the additive.

To double check whether your car does use SCR technology and AdBlue take a look in the handbook and then check to see if there’s an AdBlue filter cap where the manual indicates it should be. On some cars this is beside the fuel cap, and on others the filler is hidden under the carpet in the boot.

How is AdBlue stored?

AdBlue is not flammable or explosive. It has a minimum shelf life of 12 months under normal conditions. It is important to note however that the ammonia in the urea solution is corrosive to some metals (for example: alloys, aluminium and steel). So storage containers should also be made of non-corrosive materials. There are also no health risks when handling AdBlue, although it can irritate skin. If this happens, simply rinse with water.

An important factor when storing AdBlue is not to leave a half empty container lying around. The reason why is because airborne contaminants can affect the chemical compositions of AdBlue. So if you have any left over, it is better not to use it.




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Why Fuel Box is better than a Fuel Drum

While fuel drums can could benefit those who are using construction and agricultural vehicles and machines, there’s still big differences to using a Fuel Drum and a Fuel Box.

The Fuel Box is a great alternative to a fuel drum and to a jerry can as, it offers several benefits that a fuel drum cannot provide.

Below are some of the main benefits of using a Fuel Box:

  • Contamination issues, 200 litre drums are often left outside on site and are subject to water and dirt contamination.
  • Logistic companies with vehicles that have ancillary engines, such as refrigeration units, or a forklift on the back for unloading that will need re-fuelling while they are away from their base. Plant & Machinery Diesel engine use
  • Marine Diesel applications
  • Improved Cetane Rating
  • Cleaner Combustion
  • Prevents microbiological growth
  • Proven on biodiesel
  • Slowly disperses existing sludge
  • Reduces deposit and varnish build-up
  • Improves storage stability
  • Anti-Glug (No Spillage)

If you are looking for small volumes of red diesel, please contact our FUELBOX team on 0333 222 3643, or alternatively you can find your local stockists on our stockist’s page,

However, if you decide that you do still have the need to buy red diesel in 200 litre drums then we recommend New Era Fuels who offer an unrivalled nationwide delivery service. Click here to go to their Red Diesel Drums page.


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Happy new year from the heating oil Buckinghamshire team

three tree's berkshire

We hoped everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New year. The heating oil Buckinghamshire team love Christmas but don’t enjoy all the tidying up. We always find once you take the decorations off the tree your left wondering what to do with it. Who would of known that there are plenty of Christmas tree recycling points near you.

You can find Christmas tree recycle points in place across the Wycombe district to prevent any used trees going to landfill sites. Trees can be dropped off in the household waste and recycling centres in Amersham, Chesham, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield.

As it’s a new year why not try something new and change to oil instead of gas? We have an extensive range of high quality oils all at a good price. We have a great reputation for being a trusted heating oil suppliers Buckinghamshire comapany so, why not convert with us today and give us a call on 01344 723294

three tree's berkshire

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Hairdressers Bicester – Who are the Best?

hairdressers bicester

Hairdressing has been around for many many years and it is one of those business’s that will always be profitable as people are always looking to get there hair done! If you own or are thinking to start up your own hairdressing business then we would strongly recommend looking into other hairdressing business’s to make sure yours will stand out.

One team of hairdressers Bicester called Stone Lilly are a great example of a new company that have made there stamp in the area. They are incredibly reputable and have grown a client base rapidly through there fantastic services and styles.

Stone Lilly hairdressers Bicester are the most talked about hair salon this year, they offer extremely modern services and still keeps to the old fashioned basics for clients who stick to there regular service.

If you would like to find out more about Stone Lilly then feel free to visit there website – http://stonelily.co.uk/

hairdressers bicester

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Who are the Best Builders in Surrey?

builders in surrey

We decided to take some time last week on getting some customer reviews in Surrey on who they believe to be the best builders in Surrey. Building work is an incredibly profitable business so if you are successful within this industry you are an extremely credible businessmen and deserve to be noticed.

After a long few days getting reviews together from the public we could finally conclude that the most commonly talked about builders and who seemed to be the favorite was Builders Surrey.

So who are Builders Surrey?

Builders Surrey are a team of builders in Surrey who deliver a range of different services. The services include loft conversions, extensions, refurbishments and new house builds. They have a fantastic portfolio of clients and have many years of experience within the industry.

So if you are looking for a team of highly qualified builders who deliver fantastic customer services then the people of Surrey strongly recommend Builder Surrey.

builders in surrey

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What is Root Cause Analysis Training?


A great new way of developing and growing your business is to introduce new training methods for members of staff to enhance there knowledge of business and to make your company more pro-active and efficient.

There are a range of training techniques however today we would like to talk about Root cause analysis training and how it can benefit your company.

Root cause analysis training is a technique used to detect a problem and understand the underlining cause to enable you to prevent this problem from recurring. By using this technique it creates a greater turn of investment as the firefighting is reduced by permanently eliminating a problem.

Who would benefit most from Root cause analysis training?

The training is highly beneficial for managers, process owners, quality professionals, consultants and organisations looking to eliminate a recurring problem.

Who offers Root Cause Analysis Training?

E-QMS is a business training company we would strongly recommend to deliver this training. With a variety of programs to suite your company’s needs they are the best in the business.

For more information on there Root Cause Analysis Training program then feel free to visit there website – http://www.e-qms.co.uk/

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Best Bridging Loans London – UK Mortgages

best bridging loan

Are you looking for a highly recommended and extremely trustworthy bridging loans London company? So were we and after doing many research it came down to a friends recommendation that put us in the direction of UK Mortgages and Remortgages.

Who are UK Mortgages and Remortgages and what services do they offer?

UK Mortgages offer guidance and support on all the following services:

  • Residential and commercial mortgages
  • Remortgages
  • First Time buyers
  • But to let
  • Single and multi occupancy
  • Self build
  • Pre – auction finance
  • Home improvements
  • Bridging loans London
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Second charge loans on buy to let and residential property
  • Employed, self – employed, contract & agency employment

We were looking for the best bridging loan providers to help us bridge the gap between selling and buying our new offices. when we heard how good UK Mortgages were to a fellow businessmen we thought we would give them a go.

I found them to be incredibly helpful and professional and it didn’t feel like they were trying to get lots of money out of us they really were very sincere and the rates are probably the lowest you will find.

For more information on the best bridging loan providers feel free to take a look at there website to find out more. – http://www.ukmortgagesandremortgages.com/bestbridgingloans/

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Electrical Contractors Oxford

electrical contractors oxford

Are you looking for a well respected and highly talented electrical contractors Oxford ? We have the perfect people for you, after looking around for an electrician ourselves we came across Justin Bucknell Electrical. Justin owns his own business and has a highly skilled team of workers delivering services from electrical and data telecom/ security services to testing and inspection services.

After having some very poor experiences with electricians in the past a lot of research was done before we chose Justin’s electrical contractors Oxford team to work for us. The reason we came across Justin was through a fellow businessmen who had recently used Justin for his testing and inspection services. After hearing how impressed he was with the service and how confident he was in leaving the electrical team to it is what made me want to find out more.

I got in touch with Justin and asked him to visit for a quote and i was very impressed with how knowledgeable and professional he was in his field. After the service was complete i couldnt believe how cost efficient he was he did the best work for the most competitive prices.

If you to are struggling to find a reputable brand of electricians then i would strongly recommend Justin Bucknell electrical contractors Oxford, visit there website for more information on there services – http://www.justinbucknellelectrical.co.uk/


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